Kepada Pelanggan-pelanggan yang dihormati sekalian,

Walaupun harga minyak kembali menurun, akan tetapi harga barang-barang mentah tidak juga turun malah semakin naik . Pihak kami memohon maaf di atas kesulitan tersebut memandangkan kadar kenaikan ini di luar keupayaan kami jua.

Produk kami turut mengalami perubahan harga mulai 1 Disember 2008.

Harap Maklum & Terima kasih.

~ EJay Roosly~

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Introduction & How to Order

Welcome to E-Juita Home Bakery. We are only provide you a fresh home-baked product just to fullfill your needs. Our products are:-

~ Variety of Cakes
~ Cupcakes
~ Muffins
~ Brownies
~ Cookies
~ Roti Jala + Kari Ayam/Daging
~ Pulut Kuning
~ Dadih
and many more


~Menu and pricing might subject to change from time to time.

~ Please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m available for 24 hours.

H/P : 013-5054524
YM :
E-mail :

~ Please e-mail or sms me your name, HP no., the date of delivery and quantity. (Please do sms once you sent an email to me).

~If your have any specified theme or favorite(s) colour to apply on your cake(s), please let me know too.

~ Order via email/sms will be confirmed once you received my confirmation.

~ Please place your order 3 days earlier for small order and 10 days earlier for a big order.


We make delivery to your doorstep covering the area mentioned below:

Around LUNAS & KULIM (Free of Charge)
Sungai Petani & Surroundings (RM20.00)
Bukit Mertajam & Surrounding (RM15.00)
Penang & Surroundings ( RM25.00-RM35.00)
North Perak (RM40.00-RM60.00)

~ Could be discussed with reasonable cost of delivery charges However, it is advisable that the orders are RM100.00 & above and the delivery can only be done on Friday / Saturday @ Public Holidays only.

~ Or you can drop by (address and map will be given upon confirmation).
*Please make advance arrangement for self pick-up.


Full payment must be paid within 4 days in advanced upon your confirmed order. No delivery will be made if payment is not done within that time.

~ Bank Account Numbers:
Maybank : 164146463164

Thank You.

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